Friday, June 10

The Mark

A woman of worth has a mark in her. Unseen by the naked eye. Competence and perseverance is one of her traits. One can see her in her world.
A woman of worth stands out. You can see her strive for the best. Perfection is unattainable to that doesn't hinder her from trying.
It is wonder what pthers discover for me. Perhaps it is because of education or parentage. Perhaps its the books, with all its stories. Perhaps it is the things I watch.
Perhaps it is a mixture of all the above.
I've been exposed to numerous things. I am lucky to have seen what I have in my lifetime. My eyes were opened to the truth. Day by day, I recieve truth and reality because I chose to be open.
That is the mark of a woman of worth. Open. True. Competent. Unattainable...

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