Thursday, June 2

Crestfallen Merfairy

Mermaid and fairy in one, in search of a heart
One heart fair, one heart vowing ne’er part
She swims life so vast, so vast…
Time slipping in the tides so fast

A pearl in the sea has no other
She is polished continually by weather
Nightmares scare the fragile fins
Rejection pricks her like pins

Around her are spines of poison
Friendship allured with a con
Saddened by the spite of greed
Her tiny wings are clipped to bleed

One thing she searches but has yet found
In a heart so true she is bound
A present to the heart that lets her
Just let love caress it tender

In life’s ocean she is lost
Finding her way at all cost
To find a specie to accept her fair
And with these words bear

“Come Merfairy into my heart
Protect me with thy loving art!
Deceit and lies from you I shield
Promise with my might I yield.”

* A Merfairy is a small mermaid with fairy wings. It glows and guides weary travelers. Not everyone is gifted to see a Merfairy.

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