Monday, June 27

Whale of Time

The other night I dreamed I lay down the bottom of the ocean.
Just a few seconds to relax on the sand and feel the water on my skin...
Suddenly, there was a killer whale swimming around me. It pulled my leg and tried to get me to surface. I realize the orca was trying to save me. I tried to say I was not drowning but just trying to relax.
The Whale told me to climb on it's back. So I did.
The Whale took me to a cave. Nobody dared to enter the cave because it was dark. THe darkness kept everyone away. But the whale took me inside.
In the cave, I saw paintings on the walls. Inside the cave, more paintings. It gave me ideas.
After my burst of ideas, the Wahle showed me a door. When I got out the door, I was back in the city, my home. The only thing was, I was years into the future. It seems that I have disappeared for so long.
Seeing Whales in dreams is a good sign. Especially Killer Whales. Killer Whale makes you doubt their motives but actually, they try to help. Whales in dreams are friends who are secretly trying to help you in the real life.
This whale in particular showed me opportunities in a dark cave. The darkness can symbolize our hesitations and doubts but the whale brought me beyond the darkness and into opportunities. According to Dream Dictionaries I read, Caves are springs of creativity. They hide some sort of artistic inspiration waiting to be discovered.
Things take time, as the whale shows. We all have to get back to the origin and start from there. Opportunity is shows and doubts anre broken. When we return to our own worlds, we are changed and in being changed, we must change the world as well.

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