Saturday, June 4

You Found Me...

Fatty Katty Wampus,
You found me. You found me.
I told the other cats the other night to look for you. They did understand me, noly I thought they wouldn't tell you. I know how superior you cats feel. I even described how you look like.
Today, you knocked (litterally) on our door and I thought I heard a familiar call. It was you my little baby but not fat anymore. You've grown so skinny and light. You lost a lot of hair and got mangled from fights. I don't care. I needed to feel your soft fur agian and your warm hug. I felt flattered you rubbed your head against my feet the moment you saw me. I missed you too, so much, too much. I just hope Cute Cat would also find his way here. You two are always together and always so close to me.
I never meant to leave you. I was coming back but when I did, it was too late. You were all gone and I was left wiht no cats. At least you and I meet again. I'm so happy. Did you know how much I prayed you'd find me? Gad gave me a dream assuring me you'd come but not Cute Cat. HE only said you but I am still hoping for Cute Cat. Not that I like him better but we did sahre a closer bond. You had a closer bond with Diki. Still, I love you like no other.
Stay in my heart (or in the garage) and be close to me always.
Your Serogate Mother.

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