Monday, June 20

I can't hear you, Lord...

The other day I was listening to Altarboyz on the vcd player. Diki said she fixed it. Then it came to my favorite track, track 5 or the Miracle Song. It's about the gospel, only they rap it. Then of course, there'd be the part that Jesus is suppose to sing but then whne it came to his part, there was blank. Just music but no Jesus voice.
OH MY GOD!!! Have I beocme so sinful to have not hear Him anymore??? Repeat please. Nope, I can't here Jesus. This must be a sign!
Then Diki hits me. It seems that the right side speakers are broken. I only hear the left speakers and Jesus' voice and the other minor background effects were on the right side.
That made me breathe easier. But then it got me thinking. If that would happen, really happen, what would I do? This may be a sign from God too. A big jolt to tell me I need to be better, nicer or softer. Also, to spread the word to all and ask you all:
Can you hear Him?

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