Tuesday, June 21

A Lot Like Gotham

Where is gotham? In the real world?
Look at our society. Doesn't it seem like the movie? Isn't the mood, senario and atmosphere of Batman Begins a lot like our society today?
"Our city doesn't belong to the criminals and the corrupt..."
It shouldn't but sad to say, it does. Our city might not be literally dark. The darkness is within us. The corruption is very rampant. Like the citizens, we bitterly accpet it.
What is missing is our Batman?
But do we need a superhero, a symbol like that to fight back? In order to break the system, we must be our own heroes. Face it! We don't have any Bruce Waynes!Do you think some rich tycoon is going to dress in a black rodent costume and go spending that much for costumes and weaponry. Worse, he'd be giving his life! No seree! They care too much for themselves. There's no more true heroes these days. It's a hard fact.

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Anonymous said...

"What chance does gotham have if the good people do nothing?"

probably the movie knocks on your heart, to find the hero within you...

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