Friday, March 3

Corregidor, The Rock!

Corregidor, where the American made the last stand against the Japanese forces.
March 1, our departure for an overnight stay at the island of ghosts.
There was Mom and her friends, me, Ria(tita Ruby's daughter and Zarine(tita betty's daughter) Total =11
So, we arrived at the island a little after nine. Our tour started and we went from one place to another around the island. One of those places was the Malinta tunnel:
This is the Map.
Malinta tunnel was dug in a span of 10 years by Filipino prisoners by the Americans. Nobody knows the true extent of the tunnels. This was just the main tunnel. The others were bombed shut. All bodies weren't dug out completely. I'll post a picture when Ria(Tita Ruby's daughter) gives me.

This other picture down here is the picture of the inside of the tunnel. It's the hospital wing. See those spots that look like water marks? Ghosts spots. Not a dirty lens because I know my lens is clean and other parts of the tunnel weren't as ghostly as this.

So there were were. Touring the ghost infested island. By two o'clock the American Marines who joined us for the tour went back home and we were dropped off at the hotel.
After a quick rest, we headed to the pool to unwind. Then dinner at the beach.
After dinner, it gets interesting.
We younger generation took a special guided tour back inside the tunnels, in the places not usually toured. Yes, the suicide laterals and the underground hospital. No lights, just flash lights and a hard hat. Ria, Zarine and I with tour guide Bryan and policeman Rex made our ways to the tunnels with Bryan explaining the events of each sector.
Major spooksville!
After the tiring 30 minute ups and wosn of the tunnel we headed out for fresh air. It was suffocating and claustrophobic in the tunnels.
Next day, we had a swim in the south beach and had a hearty breakfast. we toured the beach witha policeman explaining more about the island. After lunch, I had a short massage then we headed back home.
Can't forget my travel to CORREGIDOR.
Hope to come back next year or something.
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