Tuesday, February 28

3 factories with 3 Japanese

I went with Dad to 3 plants today. Planta man!
Dad and his 3 Japanese partners were there to inspect and sell Environmental recycling Machine.
Yup, 3 Plants. First was Magnolia in Cavite. Magnolia processes cheese and butter only in the Cavite Plant. Such strict plant but friendly people. Man! I smelled of cheese!
For a late lunch, we ate in a Japanese restaurant.
Then, to Monterey. I stank there. Man! Whew! What a smell. I was so nauseous in the meeting room that slept through the meeting. I was even having some of those strange garbled dreams.
After the meeting at Monterey, we went to Purefoods Hormel. They make hotdogs only there. And man do they make hotdogs. Thousands of kilos a day!
I was there to take some pictures but we were not allowed. So I just tag along.
Back to environmental Recycling Machine. It turns solid waste (biodegradables) into feeds or fertilizers. It's a breakthough technology of Japan and it can help us with our sludge problems. Very safe and cost efficient. We should take care of our environment and here is a solution presenting itself. We just need money and government aid that do NOT ask for under the table lagay.
Hopefully, pops sells a hundred machines by the end of the year.
I saw a good sign today.

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