Sunday, February 19

The Show

Today, I got up early again. Habit. I always get up early. Today is no exception because I wanted to attend early mass. Then slept most of the day away. The few hours I was awake, I went drawing.
Whew! Yesterday was a blast!
I want to take this opportunity to thak all who supoort us, all who came and all who helped. Everyone involved made a difference. I love you all!
Most especial thanks to my Family. They helped and also came to support.
Thank you to Tita Didit, Tita Ningning, Kuya Migo and Ate Glowie, Kuya Micmock and Ate Minette, Kuya Christian, Diko, Mommybecko, Achi La, Ahia Ian and everyone who came.
I want to Thank Shimizu andCompany who not only gave us the financial means to kick start and end the show but also for coming to see the even.
Thanks to Diki for being my technical director, MC and queuer. Hugs Diki! Sorry la ako mabigay sa iyo! Thanks Jade for modeling one dress. How does it feel to be on the runway?
Thanks to J.Lo for coming up with designs on the last minute. Thanks to Rita who had even shorter notice. I love you rits! Thanks for helping, showing and being part of the team!
To JA, thanks for beleiving in me and the show! Thanks for showing me the hows and why's of life and people. Without you, this show is not possible!
Thanks Vic! Thanks to Miss Savet and her class who came and did hair and make-up with L'Oreal!
Thanks to Toni, Jen jen, kim, Ziggy and everyone who came to see our show! Hope you guys like it.
I'll tell you guys when WINS is going to air the Fashion show. I still have to call them and inquire.
Big hugs to Mom and Dad who is my biggest supporter!
I'll post the pictures when I get them!

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