Friday, February 10

Ultra Tragic Signs of the Time

Yes, its' about the Ultra incident. 74 dead in a stampede.
What I gathered was that people camped out in Ultra since Wednesday. Wowowee was going to give away 10,000.00 pesos worth of prizes to the first 100 people. Only 300 people were allowed to play Pera o Bayong. When the guards opened the gate just a bit, people pushed in. The front row was crushed between the barricades and rushing people resulting to death.
Million peso question: Who is to blame?
Pilipino talaga! They need to find someone to blame.
Who is to blame? Who has fault?
Wowowee Organizers
Maybe. They do have some faults.
1. They should have gotten a bigger venue if they invited that much people. There are millions of viewers whom they enticed to come to the anniversary celebration. Among the millions, seventy thousand people responded and came took thier chances in Ultra.
2. When they put up big screens in the football feild, they shouldn't have announced that the people in the football feild couldn't participate in the games.
In a way, it was like dangling meat to a pack of hungry wolves. Perhaps ABS didn't mean it that way but it looked like that to the other people.
The Local Government and Police
Why weren't they at the streets? Wowowee organizers can only protect and use their forces inside the Ultra compound. The police should have been at the streets. The Pasig government should ahve forseen this too.
He's just the host. Perhaps he should have had a say. Now they are blaming him because he is the one always seen. The massees listen to him. I hope the Ultra Task force don't arrest him. They would face millions of fans who would riot in the streets.
The Philippine Government
The PDI commentaries said that the Ultra Tragedy was a reflection of the state of the economy. Yes, that guy was right. No dollar rate can affect the squatters or the blue collars. Ask you yayas. Ask they now that the peso is higher, how would you gain more money? How can things become cheaper? Nope. It won't affect them. Taasan ka lang ng kilay!
People are desperate. Who were the ones who went to Ultra? Elderly women who are bread winners, street sweepers and the like. They want to get at the prizes. A house and lot, P1 Million in cash, Jeepneys, tricycles, what more can they ask for?
The People
Can we also blame the masses who came to Ultra? They were the ones who pushed and killed themselves. People who were further back wanted desperately to get some freebies or merely get inside Ultra that they pushed with all their strength towards the front.
Outside Forces
1. You can say that the land was sloped. From the street to the gate, there was a thirty degrees slope downwards so a little push, the whole mass of people would be forced forward.
2. Hunger. Mom's friend works in Ultra. He said that eversince wednessday, there were people camped outside. Friday, the streets were unpassable. There were limited portalets. The only thing to eat were peanuts sold by the vendors. Peanuts for threedays can make you nuts. Mix it with a go at the prizes and peole will surely get desperate.
My conclusion, they all had a hand in this tragedy.

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