Thursday, February 9

The situation so far...

Who even said fashion shows would be easy? Nope. I take this as a challenge.
There were a lot of negative vibes when we pushed through with the show. Why? I don't know? Are we benefitting from this? Its my duty as a citizen to do what I can to help our nation. This is what I've come up with. Eversince a child, I always see myself as patriotic. If there was some speckle of way I can find to help our ailing country, I would do it. Now, here we are. I'm using my talents to help? How can fashion help the country? Here was my solution. We promised the zoo the ticket sales for the events.
Do I still look happy now? Not even with all the sponsors I got. Why? because all I was asking was that my group's faith in me would not faulter. Their decisions tell me what they think. Perhaps they really do believe in me. Perhaps they think I can do it no matter what so they backed away. I am just one person. I can't do everything myself. Thank God there are people helping. I'll save the thank you part after the show.
Perhaps these people who backed out have their reasons. I know I ahve to understand it. It's just, so last minute. So now I rant to let it out. I try to look professional all the time. Even if I want to break dishes, I maintain as calm sa I can.
There's nothing I can do about that blasted factory! I told her not to depend on it so much. That blasted factory didin't make a single garment for me. Not a single one! Is that fair? Not for me. Well, everyboday's saying life sucks. Deal!
I've spent on fabrics for both of them out of my personal pocket because I want a good show. In the end, I'm back to square one.
It's not easy balancing time. All my days are dedicated to the show. I have no rest day. Don't they know that? I know they are in school so I do the outside work. Ja was right. If someone really wants it, they'd do it. If they don't, there are so many reasons not to work.
I'm going to push through with the show because everything is laid out already. So there are a few bumps on the road. There will always be bumps on the road. So the clothes didn't come out right. We are designers. We can fix it. These things are test of character and now I know I have character and the people with me who persevere have characters too.
Not attitude but character.
Looking at eh situation, there was nothing wrong. There was only a bump on the road and I was quite upset about it. Now, I'm all better. I like this blog thing. It releases your anger.
Now, off to the zoo I go. I have to coordinate the lights and sounds.

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