Thursday, February 23

How to Eat An Elephant

The day before the show, mom asked me:
"Maits, how do you eat an elephant?"
What? An elephant? Perhaps it was part of her Indian/Sri Lankan cooking class lesson again. I know they have elephants but I don't think they eat them. This must be a trick question! So what did I answer?
"Using cutlery. Spoon and fork or knife and fork if you will."
Well, that was my genius answer. What could you expect?
"One bite at a time."
That was mom's answer. You had to take life slowly.
Next time somebody asks me this question, my genius of a brainyard could tell you something else. Its another evidence that my brain moves in a different wave length.
Ask me again.
"How do you eat an elephant?"
my answer:
"Adobo or Sinigang. Depends on my mood."

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