Wednesday, February 15

Oh today

Today, Rita and I waited to fit the models. The fit was ok. Some of the clothes were big. Its ok. At least it wasn't too small. Anyways, off to the show.
I've been preparing protections. Two bottles of holy water. Not for superstitious purpose but for religious purpose. I'm not allowing anything to ruin this show. I know I've woked so hard. All those times I lined up to get my proposal in Manila Cityhall and then coordinate with the Zoo. I'm trying to convince peopl that the zoo is no longer smelly. It's a tough job considering one mention and everyone reacts at an instant. Reader, don't say no. 9 out of ten reacted. I saw it myself!
Enough of the biases. Let the show begin!
I really hope Wins come. They called and said they'd like to cover the show. I'm not expecting much but hey! a coverage is a coverage!
Now, some of the pictures form the pictorials, I've already posted. you may see them at:
Today, I would like to thank my family for supporting me. Mom, Dad and the Robillo Clan for backing me up not only in terms of material/financial support but also in the full support and advice. Also for beleiving that I can do anything in the world!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
So today. After fitting, vic and I chatted. He wanted to explain the reason of why he backed out. He thought we held a grudge on him for that plus he only said it in text. He didn't want to become a precedent to the others. But I know. I can't blame him either. Why does unforseen circumstances always cloud you?
So after that, I went home. Ate a big mamon na puno ng hanging and gulped down a large C2 lemon. Then, to feel good, I fed my little catties. Then, would you beleive, kunutuhan ko si Seargent Pepper. Yup. Got 4 eggs from his white belly! Man! Growse! Then, I had to wipe his muta! Unlike Fatty Catty, he doesn't know how ot groom. Sayang. Soft and white pa naman siya. I hope Fatty teaches him. You see, Fatty whippes his own nose. Make sure wala siyang muta and miraculously, wala siyang kuto.

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