Monday, February 13

Sneak Preview

Some of the clothes for the show. No so done but the basic structure is complete. Yey! I'm so proud of myself. I was able to stitch and cleanly!
The lighitng isn't so great here but I'll take another snap next time. I'm done with 5 dresses so far. All they need are zipper and beading.
It feels like an achievement just to finish the clothes. Perhaps last year, I wouln't beleive myslef I was able to stitch these. I would run to the nearest seamstress and have it made or hide my mistakes though beads.
Now, not anymore. Maybe it's not so perfect but it is clean and it seems to fit me fitting form just right.
Good Job, Maity. It looks great! Not meaning to flatter myself but I need a pat in the back right now.

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