Sunday, September 7

Word Camp 08

I'm glad Word Camp was a success. Congrats Kuya Bloggie and team!
Aki and I were there. Attended some talks and of course took turns manning the table we got for Talecraft.

Nine cards, five minutes, one tale.

Can you handle it?

Can you blog that fast? :-)

It brought back memories to be back in CSB. Some things never change. Like paperwork to get things like a tarp and laptop and camera in. IDs and long lines too. Oh yeah, not to mention roaming D.O.'s.

I did expect more people but the turnout was not disappointing. Most of my old classmetes form CSB used to keep blogs. Perhaps they just needed more advertisements. I didn't ahve a single batchmate in the WordCamp. Maybe next year would be better. No complains here. It was a feat to achieve. Just that, I wanted to share it with my friends.

Good Job Kuya.

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