Thursday, September 18

Turbulent Sea

Feehan's New Book on the Drake Sisters.
Glad it came out in the bookfair! I bought it kaagad!

The sixth sister is doomed to fall in love... Joley Drake knew the inevitable is coming. It is said that the seventh sister will give birth to seven daughters. That has been an unbroken tradition. These seven sisters will have strange power like no other. The eldest will fall in love first then the rest will follow accordingly. In Safe Harbor (Book5) Hannah Drake, Model extraordinaire, marries their childhood friend Jonas Harrington but not before an adventure and lots of near-death experiences. It was Ilya Prakenski, a supposed Russian Mobster who helped the Drakes. He has strange powers of his own.
He may not collect on the Drakes but he has something he must collect from Joley, her heart! For nights, they talk in their heads telepathically, soothing Joley, understanding the world and their differences. Mishaps happen and Ilya posts himself as Joley bodyguard.
Its an explosion of powers as Ilya was the fate seventh sone of the seventh son and Joley is marked as his destined.
Worth the wait! Gotta have more!
The suspense is killing me! Elle Drake is missing and she is about to have more trouble than Joley!
Next to Safe Harbor, I love this book! This series is a must-collect.
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