Thursday, September 18

Arms Ahoy!

What kind of arms do you sport?

Skinny? Bony and think maybe it is too skinny for your whole body?

Average? Just right but needs to be seen just right.

Heavy? Chunky? It flaps when you say goodbye!<

Here are some styles you may want to try out.
Note: It's all in the sleeve!
Thins arms allow you to go with volume so you can have puffs or leg-o-muttons. Do not over do! Avoid Razor backs and razor fronts!

Chunky arms need no extra volume. Make sure your sleeves are fitted. Not too much extra room there! It might add more volume than you are trying to hide.
Try a butterfly sleeve. Guaranteed to flatter and not flutter!
If you are not so sure of the sleeve, Butterfly is actually a good sleeve to hide what you need to while still showing some skin. You may also try a cap sleeve. There are some puff-cap sleeves out in the market and are great and very "presco" on the arms.
A bit formal? Try an elbow sleeve or three-fourth sleeve. make sure the cuffs are not too thick that it might make your arms short. Also, make sure it is not too loose. The width of your arms plus 2 inches is the correct measurement. Not sure? Fit it and rotate your arms. Punch up then down. If it moves, then the fit is perfect.
Remember, the seem (tahi line) where the shoulder and sleeve is joined must be at the ball of your shoulder. Feel around for it and make sure it is there. For males, it drops an inch or two after the ball.

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