Friday, September 12

Hello... Nicolas

Finally, Dark Curse by Christine Feehan was out this week. Bought one yesterday and can't put it down. (Only now since I wanted to blog.)
Nicolas De La Cruz, he is a different man. We have been introduced in Dark Secret but I never really knew his personality. That's because he didn't have any then. Now, he has because he just found his lifemate. Nicolas is the middle child of 5 brothers. He believes he is traditional just like Manolito (Dark Possession). He also believes he is sexual. Perhaps a bit like Rafael (Dark Curse) since he told Rafael to just do it with Colby, convert her and get over with it. "Her virginity belonged to you!"
But when he met Lara, his lifemate, he wanted to be all the man that he is. But nobody told Nicolas that keeping a lifemate was so overwhelming. Everything went flying out the window when he can't think of anything but to please her. He was never a gentleman but now he kept apologizing to Lara every turn.
As for the rest of the Carpathian Race, there is danger. The Dark Mage Xavier is on the loose and is carrying out his plot to destroy the Carpathians. He has introduced something tot he mineral rich soils, parasites. The target: women and children of the race.
Will Lara and the Carpathains save the race?
I don't know yet. I haven't finished the book.
Oh! Turbulent Sea is out in National Bookstore Just Today!

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