Monday, September 22

Books This Year

Book Fair came and gone this year. Yes, I was a little disappointed. I was expecting more. Or at least, the same as last year but then, there were fewer stalls and the big stalls were cut in half this year.
But that, doesn't mean, I went without buying. hehehe. Can't resist books.
Here are some I got from the fair.

Set of Black Dagger Brtherhood books. 295, each excpet Lover Unbound which is 395. Each at 20% off at National Bookstore.
Turbulent Sea - 299 at 20% off
Dark Curse 975 - 20% off
Fangs for the Memories - 299 at 20% off
Mt Immortal Highlander - 299 at 20% off
Undead and Unreturnable - 315 = got it at 198.
Undead and Unappreaciated - 315 = got it at 198
The Treasured Ones -100 at A Diff Bookstore
The best buy I had was this 1.5 feet, three inch thick Biblica, The Bible Atlas. Fully colored, pictures at ever page. 1495 at 20% off.I made National Bookstore rich this book fair.

I heard last year, the rent for a space was about 50,+++.00 no wonder, not much wants to come back this year. It's expensive and people expect you to have cheap books.

I hope it would be better next year.

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