Thursday, September 4

Misconceptions in Full-Figure Dressing

Sometimes, people have these misconceptions on dressing. They want to hide their "fats." There is this mindset to hide the bulk. I'm not only talking about Plus-sized women. Most people think this. I use to work for two different people and they have similarities about what the plus-size market should be wearing. One is plus-sized herself.

Perhaps what they were thinking was true during the 80's but now, even the big girls want to stay trendy and hip. They need clothes that work and fit right.

Misconception #1: Hiding Bulk in More bulk.
I see many plus-sized women wear bulky clothing. Sometimes even over-sized men's shirt. Wearing these excess-sized clothes will only make you look even bigger.

What to wear: Shirt that fits. There are a lot of clothing brands emerging that are trendy. Expensive? Not anymore. Boys T-shirts has got to go. You're a woman. Feminine. Show those curves! Get jean that are either bootleg or skinny. Make sure the thighs are hugged. Hips must be the fittest part of that jeans. Look here: Denim pants or Twill jeans are tough materials. If there is excess space, air will fill it up, giving you MORE volume. We don't want to look bigger than we feel.

Misconception # 2: Stripes. More an more stripes
Not all stripes are friendly. Just because they make a vertical stripes doesn't mean they look good.

What to wear: It doesn't have to be the weave of the textile nor the print. Pleating or a folding can give a vertical lines. Remember, less is more. Smaller stripes, lesser space too. Diagonal is always safe.

Misconception #3: Long sleeves to hide those big arms.
Some people do have amazingly big arms. I saw a girl who was a SIZE 10-12 but her arms were like for size 18. She may be prone to heart attacks. How do you hide this? By showing it.
No kid.

Remember M#1? The more you hide, the more you show. There are ways to show but still hide these arms.

What to wear: Butterfly sleeves and cap sleeves. Trust me! Unless you have designer cut sleeves, no RTW has perfected anything that hides bulk in bulk yet.

Misconception # 4 Belt the tummy or belt under the breast.
Major no-no! Belt under the breast will give you the preggy look. Belt under the tummy emphasizes the upper and lower tummy.

What to wear: Want some baby doll blouses? Empires? Make sure they are cut HALFWAY BETWEEN under the breast line and belly button. You'll look longer and thinner. If you have a belt, think or thin, put it ABOVE your waist line. It makes the tummy disappear.

Misconception # 5 Long Blouse and capri pants.
Not for you, gal. The wrong cut is out of style. Get blouses that does NOT cut at the 2nd hips. That would be the fullest part of your buttocks. No! It will only make you look bigger. Cut at the first hip which is 4 inches below the belly button. Oh, by the way, for long blouses, make sure the waist is defined. If not, you will look short.

Capri may be great but not everyone is built for it. If the pants are cut at the fullest part of your calf, it will make you look bigger. Find something below or above it.

What to wear: Wear pedals or ankle length pants to be on the safe side.
* * *

Remember ladies: Hide what you can, flatter what you can't.

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