Monday, September 22

I got them...

I got them. It was purely by chance that they were available on the week of the Book Fair, which means 20% off.
I got Dark Curse, hard bound edition. Seems they doen't want to release paperbacks for the first print anymore. So, heck! I want the Carpathian male and I'm reading him fast. Nicolas' Book is very different from Christine Feehan's other books. It has chanting and science. It's worth the wait and I'm clmaoring for more.
Turbulent Sea is the sixth book in the Drake Sisters Series also by C. Feehan. Rockstar Joley hate the tabloid. They make up stories left and right. But that doesn't stop her from doing what she likes: performing. She loves the music and she has the gift of songs. Missing persons and murder turn up at every corner but that doesn't deter Joley Drake. Not since she has a bodyguard ready to protect her willingly or not.

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