Thursday, August 2

Coelacanth Fish

400 Million Year Old Fish was found in Sulawesi recently.
The fish was thought to be extinct 65 Million years ago but apparently, people are discovering that the fish has been around for quite a while. 1938, it was caught in Tanzania. After that, 30 have been found since.
Now, it was found in Sulawesi. Closer to the Philippines.
Nobody ever caught one alive. When they catch one, it dies. It was too evolve and too suited to its natural surrounding that taking it out of it will kill the fish.
Why am I interested in a fish?
First of all, I am a Pisces Child. Naturally, I'm curios about fishes and what goes on in the deep blue yonder. Second of all, I love to learn about dinosaurs. If my parents let me, I would have studied Paleontology instead. Third, it is a living dinosaur fish. Combination of my first two reasons.
A funny thing occurred to me when I saw that Coelacanth documentary in Discovery Channel. I looks like a giant Tilapia (Mud Fish of the Philippines). Apart from its enormous size and six fins, it could actually be a mama Tilapia. That got my interest going. Tilapias taste good fried or sauteed in swet sour sauce.
What if the Tilapia branched out of the Coelacanth Millions of years ago and moved to the sunny waters of the Orient Pearl. The Philippines isn't a very old country. It's less than a million year old, built by land bridges and volcanic activity. What if the Coelacanth, who lives in deep waters, ventured closer to the land. It shrunk as food became scarce and since it didn't need too much fins, it shed it off. It became the modern Tilapia of today.
It's a theory!
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