Friday, August 10

Dark Magic

By Christine Feehan
A little bit of Dark Magic is all it takes to bring down an overbearing man...
Well, nice title but Savannah Dubrinsky's magic is nothing but dark. She is the mistress of illusions performing nightly across the world. All she wants is smiles and love.
Five years ago, she left the safety of her father and mather, Mikhail and Raven Dubrinsky, and their Carpathian home. She wanted independence and time to grow. So, at 18, after her father gave her a debut party, Savannah left and went off on her own.
She thought she had her independence for a while but something lurks in the shadows. Soemthing Vampire and Carpathians alike fear...
Gregori Daraztragonoff is a Carpathian male who is relentless as a hunter. He is known as The Dark One, the Bogeyman of the Carpathians.
Since conception, he knows Raven's child will be a girl and she will be life mate to him. So, he watched her carefully. He even became a wolf cub who was there during her lonely hours, playing with her and even saving her from her little accidents. Now, his time is nearly over. He must either face the dawn, take his life mate of risk turning into a vampire.
Savannah is reluctant to be Gregori's life mate but once she accepted it, she makes it a point that Gregori learns just what kind of woman she is.
She takes after her parents, regal, demanding but lovable.
Like her mother, she is repulsed to take blood from humans. Her mother fed her animal blood when she was young. now, she is grown, Gregori feeds her. In a way, she is partly human. She hates getting buried and hates biting.
Vampires and vampire hunters hunt Savannah. She is forced to retire from show business but not without taking vacation. Against Gregori's wishes, they travel to new Orleans to attend a Jazz festival and of course, take a vampire hunt. Ironic?
It is in New Orleans that Gregori meets his best friend, a human named Gary Jansen. They uncover a plot by the vampires that directs humans to think Carpathians are bad.
They also find out that a singer named Desari from the Dark Troubadours is a target of the vampire hunter. They send a hunter, Julian Savage, to rescue her. That would be another story.
Now, Gregori and Savannah takes on the vampire hunting society of New Orleans and take on a savage vampire too that's been in the swamp, masquerading as a legend known as Old Man Alligator.
Ending: What else! Savanna and Gregori kills the vampire. As for the Society, the Dark Series will battle them on through out.
I'm beginning to like this couple. My fave couple so far i the Dark series is Natalya Shonski and Vikirnoff Von Shreider. Dark Demon is their book. Vikirnoff dreams of a calm and tame woman but his destined life mate happens to be a badass chick named Natalya. He can't understand half of what she says. Natalya does nothing but quote old movies. She calls vampires as Troll king and Freddie. She associates herself with Xena Warrior Princess.
I want to buy more of this Dark series but maybe I should wait until Bookfair. Budget's kinda tight. Christine Feehan does have interesting ideas.

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might i suggest That is where i got most of mine. you can get some for a mere penny and then pay only about $3.00 (give or take) shipping cost. For that price you can get them used or new, though not all of them will be for that price. I bought nearly the entire series through there and it is still where i continue to buy my books, dvds, etc. No i am not advertising for amazon, but as a die hard Feehan fan, its the cheapest place ive found that you can get her books.

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