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Dark Celebration Excerpts

Here's a funny Excerpts from Dark Celebration, A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan.

* You should know that Carpathians do not express emotions. They try to blend with humans but are very aloof and emotionless until they find their lifemates.

Chapter 17
Gregori and Savannah’s House in the Carpathian Mountain, Mikhail is injured and is being tended by the couple.

“I did not cry over it. I told you that.” She glared at him. Don’t tell my father that. He’ll tell my mother and she’ll fell bad. And stop giving me orders. I just don’t feel like putting up with it today.

Gregori caught both her arms and pulled her to the shelter of his embrace. “You are near tears again. What is wrong with you? Is it the baby?”

“Baby? What baby?” Mikhail asked, shifting his position so he could look at his daughter’s stomach. Savannah was small like her mother. Now that Gregori spilled the news, he could see that she was definitely thicker around the waist and he found himself smiling in spite of the pain.

She gasped and hit Gregori’s shoulder with her tight fist. “You weren’t supposed to tell. I was supposed to tell them!”

“What is wrong?” Gregori demanded, catching her fist and opening it, to place a kiss on the center of her palm. “I can always remove your father’s memories.”

“Oh, I’d like to see you try that.” Mikhail scoffed. “And if you’re making my baby girl cry, you’re going to see what a prince can do when he’s angry.

“I’m having twins.” Savannah announced. “Girls.”

“We only heard one heartbeat. Felt one life.” Gregori objected, giving her a narrow-eyed glance. “She’s having a baby, a boy.”

“The other one was there hiding behind her sister. There are two of them, both girls, and I’m going to be as big as a house. And you’re going to be just awful, ordering me around. If you think he’s bad giving you orders, papa, trust me, he’s worse with me.”

Gregori shook his head. “Not girls Savannah. We need sons. Warriors. Daratrazanoff guard the prince.”

Mikhail leaned back with a satisfied smirk on his face. “And you so deserve this, Gregori. You cannot imagine how I’m going to enjoy you survive not one, but two little daughters.”

Gregori simply stood there looking as shocked as he was capable of looking. “How could I not know? I examined you myself.”

“She hid.”

His brows drew together. “That is unacceptable.”

Mikhail laughed. “I’m sure your infant daughter will do exactly as you command, Gregori. And as toddlers, they will really listen to you.”

“Savannah, I am serious. You talk to them. I cannot have one hiding from me when I make certain they are healthy.”

“Your manner was gruff and you frighten her.”

“I’m her father and I shouldn’t frighten her.”

Mikhail sighed. “I’m bleeding and I have to be up and running in a few minutes so I suggest you get over your shock that the world doesn’t do everything you dictate and get on with healing me.”

Gregori swung around, all cool elegance and danger. “you put her up to this, didn’t you, Mikhail?”

“Put her up to giving me twin girls? If I had thought of it, I would have, but my imagination doesn’t stretch quite that far.” Mikhail shifted his leg and tried not to wince.

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