Thursday, August 16

Flood! Flood! More Flood!

It seems to Flood on a Wednesday for two weeks in a row.
Last week, it flooded on Wednesday. Yesterday, it flooded again, Wednesday.
I was stuck in the car for 6 hours. No bathroom break because we were stuck!!!
8:45. Left the house to go to work. Stuck in Pasong Tamo area. After 10:30, dad said, we have to turn back and use another route. We went to Villamore and then to airport road. Passable until we went to Macapagal. Go stuck there until 11:30. Texted the office to say I can't make it.
Gotta pick up Jade coz she's out. Got stuck in Taft until 1.
Heading to Buendia to pick up Aki. Got stuck and called her we couldn't make it. Take the train.
We got stuck in Osmena highway in the floody waters. 3:40, we reached Shell Magallanes. I got to eat and releave myself. Whew!
4ish, got home. Sigh.
Typhoon Egay is not leaving til Saturday according to Pag-asa.

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