Thursday, August 23

To Lead, A cultural Revival

To lead people is no easy task. I've been there. Seen how people just want their own way.
Pops wants to lead the people of Mindanao to think for themselves, to have a strong general will and a good motivation to better themselves.
We met with two sultans yesterday. Funny thing, I didn't know some of the Sultanates in the Philippines actually still survives. Popz said they do have loyal followers.
The two sultans want to modernize Mindanao but in a way that they do not culture shock themselves. Infrastructures and organizations needs putting up. They need help but as much as possible, not ask for government help. Too much red taping and corruption.
So, Popz agrees on the task to help the 16 Sultans and be their consultant.
Popz was non-stop last night. "I'm a consultant to a sultant" Whatever! Corny!
Anyways, what would this mean for us? For me? For the country?
If this pushes through, it will show Visayas and Luzon that the People's General Will can change a nation. It is a sot of economic people's power. The aim is to help yourself, help your neighbor and help the country. There will be organizations who will help but must be guaranteed of no corruption and no daya-an.
What would it mean for me? I want to help my country and guard culture. One of the aim of inter-Kultura was to remind the people that we still have culture and we are proud of it. That Filipinoness is diverse but unique.
Perhaps all is not lost.
Perhaps cultural revival can happen and it will happen in Mindanao.
The reason why the Spanish weren't able to conquer Mindanao was because:
  1. They were mainly Muslim Territory. They had cannons and guns like the Spanish.
  2. Most of the people of Mindanao were seafarers. They don't get lost in the sea.
  3. Culture and religion was strong. Spanish forces weren't able to use the cross until the turn of the century.
  4. Political will was strong. Especially for the warriors.
If... No... WHEN this thing pushes through, it will change a lot of things.
Change... What we need now.
If the government cannot do anything, then the people must move themselves.

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