Tuesday, July 31

Evensong by Candace Camp

Aline is no whore but dancing can scarcely draw the thin line. It was the only way to making money and helping her parents. Now enter James Norwen. He was rude and an arrogant bastard.
A duke proposes that she help him scheme Sir James of Norwen to his downfall. Arrogant James didn't know he married a commoner dancer instead of a spoiled rich dowered lady. The Duke made it look like Aline was Lady Clarissa, his wealthy niece. At first, it was a battle of wills not to fall in Love with each other. Aline makes sure she was so annoying. James, finds he loved the feisty feline and beds her. Man, she didn't even resist!
When she confesses the duke's plan, he was already falling in love with Aline. Aline thwarts the Duke's schemes but James in not convinced her love is not an act too until he gets kidnapped and tortured. Aline saves him and proves her love ten times over.
I want to bash two men in this book: one is James the other is the Duke. Aline has fought for money, pride then love. What woman in the medieval ages is stronger than that?
I could read in this book that during this era, common born women were property and they had no say if a noble man beds them. Aline fought long and hard to preserve her honor. Everyone called her a whore yet she was a virgin and protected her maidenhead til the bastard James Norwen seduced her.
No wonder it was called Dark Ages. It was the Dark Ages for Women who were ahead of their time in thoughts and ways.

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