Thursday, August 16

Dark Series Ad

I looked at Christine Feehan's Website and found out a book ad. Yes, a book ad trailer. It must really click! They got models to enact bits of the book and make an ad!

See here:
Dark Possession
The story of Manolito De La Cruz, A Carpathian living in Brazil.

Dark Celebration
Before Dark Possession- The Prince gives a Christmas Celebration to strengthen the bonds of the Carpathian people and to welcome their human families.

Dark Demon
This is just before Dark Celebration- It's about Natalya Shonski and Vikirnoff Von Shreider. Vampires and Mages team up to get stronger.

Dark Destiny
The trailer looks nice. Don't have the book though.

Dark Melody
not much to my liking. Didn't receive good reviews as a book.

Dark Celebration Behind the Trailers

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