Saturday, November 27



For the Popi Tribe of the Native Americans, it means Life out of Balance.
I feel I'm experiencing a life out of balance lately. I feel donw and sad letely. It's as if someting in me or out me is not right. Perhaps it's a stage. I really feel worn and tired. It's a miracle I don't jump off a cliff. I can restrain. I love to look down from heights though. Just look.
Anyways, this feeling in me, it seems so heavy but empty. I sometimes go in a state of self-pity then a state of heightening myself thinking I'm better than everyone else. It jumps.
Perhaps I am not venting out. I need to relase. Lately, I haven't been drawing or painting for pleasure. It's all for school. It's draining that I can't make a masterpeice to go realease.
Koyaniquatsi, life out of balance.
I am out of balance.
I am being pushed and pulled by different forces in me.
Hapiness, sadness; beleiving, doubting; right, wrong;
Water, wind; sanity, disillusionment; silence, action.

I need a long vacation.

A long... long... long... long... long one...

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Anonymous said...

er.. it's Hopi Indian not Popi Indian...:o

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