Tuesday, November 23

The Other-abled

We were eating in Jolibee last Saturday. There was this busboy cleaning our table. I noticed he had a pin that said “Deaf Crew.” I hadn’t had the chance to thank him Bacuse he left in a hurry. When we were leaving, we passed by the table he was now cleaning. I made the thank you sign language. He seems to understand and surprised I know how to sign language. Then, stupid Diki (Dichi) pulled me and said. “Stop flirting with the waiter!”
I was not. I explained to her that thank you in sign language looked like making a flying kiss. “Hmph! Still looks like flirting.”
Argh! I don’t flirt… much. I’m just saying a simple thank you.

What’s wrong with other-abled people? They can be very efficient. Plus they can be tax shields. When I have a clothing factory, I will hire other-abled people. They are very efficient because you have boosted their confidence by hiring them. It gives them some worth inside. Working is something that shows them that they are equal with everybody, that they can do something and be sefl-reliant.

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