Saturday, December 4

Was there a time when... you changed?

Was there a time when you don't want to feel something you are feeling?

I am a woman who is very intuitive but when it comes to big decisions, the heart presides.
The night is starless as my dreams are starless. I saw him again, the face that could rival a Renaissance marble sculpture.
I though my heart was as cold as stone yet it was like ice tonight. It melted in from of an Apollo. This feeling makes me jump up and down at the same time, feel weighed down.
This feeling makes me insecure.
I never cared about what I ate or how I look. When the right guy comes, he’ll see me for what I am.
But what if one day you saw everything differently. You started to put make up and spend two hours in the bathroom instead of one. You even can’t decide what to wear because it might make you look big.
Suddenly, you are the most girliest person in the world. Cosmetics, perfumes and cute things attract you.
Suddenly, you feel different.
Perhaps this is a stage. Would this just pass?
Perhaps it’s media. All around, people fall in love. All around the media tells you romance is a complete life. You gotta have someone to complete you. Do you? Do I?

Perhaps I really am changing.

Was there?

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