Sunday, November 14

Mutya ng Tubig

A mutya is a charm. A mutya ng tubig is a stone said to bring forth luck.

Myths and Legends around the world tell tales of a lucky charm, anting-anting if you’d call it. It is believed to bring wealth and power. Fairies, angels, old woman or bodies of water are the supposed carrier and giver of this stone. After the stone of power fulfills its purpose, it disappears mysteriously.

Just a myth? Perhaps. My grandmother told us a tale of a stone of power she found. It was during the perils of World War II. Her mother, her children and her were crossing a shallow stream to get away from the city. There, a shining stone catches her attention. She picks it up from the water and is baffled by it for some strange reason. Her mother tells her it’s a Mutya ng Tubig. She keeps it and after the treacherous war, grandfather’s business boomed. The logging industry and all other businesses blossomed. After five years, the stone mysteriously vanished from her hiding place. The logging industry closed but she lived comfortably until today where she lives as ballroom dancing queen of aged 81.
This did not just happen to one person. In the early days of Marcos’ father, he encountered an old lady who gave him a stone for assisting her. He ate the stone and he grew to power. In his deathbed, he vomited the stone and gave to Ferdinand. His last wish is that Ferdinand would swallow the stone and trust in its power. Thus his rise in turn. But before his fall in the first EDSA Revolution, the stone was reported to be found by a young man.
Still not convinced?
The Stone of Power or Mutya ng Tubig does not just stay in legends. People around the world in different times have immortalized this stone. This stone may come in many forms and even is many uses. Stories like the Arthurian Sword in the Stone, Green Stone from Allah, Philosopher’s Stone and even Darna and Zsa Zsa Saturna. The Stone is immortal. It goes around the world and throughout time perpetually fulfilling it’s cycles of the ups and downs of power. We may as well just watch out for it. >It might just turn up at our very doorsteps.

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