Saturday, November 20

Life or a drama

If you thought your life had spice…
Guess again.

Over dinner today, I asked mom and popz something. What happened to me when I was three? I was told and given the impression that I was alone in my grandma’s house for a year or less. I could remember playing only with the driver’s son, Daluydoy (I think that’s his name.)
They said “Huh? What parent would leave one of her five children behind?”
And I said “I don’t know. The aunts said it was because Yaya Jojo didn’t want to come to the Guerrero house so you left me with her.”
“Are you brainwashed? Maits, you were only left at home during Sundays. Other than that, you were with us. We would never leave you.”
That cleared something I kept for 16 years. The good news, I didn’t have a telenovela life. I was never separated at a certain point in my life. The bad news, my life is plain and boring. My aunts told me a strange wacky tale.
Oh well…
Not all people have dramatic lives.

It makes me think. Do we all have ordinary lives? What is an ordinary life?
Modern society states ordinary life is one when your parents are separated and you are on your own. You have cellphone and internet. You play Counter strike or Ragnarok and take E pills.
For some, ordinary life in the boring life. Like mine, I guess. I can say I have a boring life. Nothing’s happening. There’s no controversy, no war, strife, divorce, separation or half-siblings. I can say I have a boring life or I can say I have a good life.
My life is extraordinary because I say so. I didn’t fantasize about being adopted (I wished I were, though) but I fantasized about my ambitions.
My dreams, goals and ambitions are what I consider things that set me apart from other people. It is my way of thinking that makes me unique, not different.

I’m different because I don’t look like you.
I’m unique because I don’t think like you.

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micketymoc said...

Lovely post. Nette and I have long concluded that you are the most interesting of your sisters. And we mean that in a very good way! ;-)

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