Saturday, November 27

a choice, a Pat...

I was watching this movie called Gracie’s Choice in the Hallmark Channel. It’s about a girl with four half-siblings. Three of them she opted to take care on her own. Her mother had different lovers. Each boy has a different father. Her sister and her have different fathers too. The mother is a drug addict who kept going in and out of prison. Her grandmother was there for the time being but soon passed away leaver her no choice but to take care of the three young boys on her own. All had ADHD. She fought her mother in court and raised the boys on her own.

Pat, who was sitting beside me, asked a question. If we were in that situation, would I take care of him?
I had so much pride and told him in my usual pa-effect way, “What do you think, Pat? Maybe if I ain’t got no choice.”
Honestly, I would. Are ya kiddin’ me, boy. I’m already taking care o’ ya as i’ is. The shampooing, feeding and buying stuffs are my little ways to show my care. Sure I nag but in a good way. It’s just to nudge you to clean yourself.

What a Pat! You can see he’s quite worried who’d take care of himself when he can’t. He still can’t. He’s a little boy who just can’t grow up even if he has to. He’ll try to prove how tough he is but deep inside, he’s still a child. That makes two of us.

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