Sunday, November 14

A mermaid in us

As a child, I've always been fascinated by mermaids. I even dreamed of becoming a mermaid myself.
Recent hubbub in class got me thinking who are mermaids.
Who are mermaids?
A mermaid is a creature of myth and fairytales. She is fabled in stories and legends in numerous cultures.
A mermaid exists is two realms. In the water (represents emotions) and in the air (represents mind).
The fish has its own representation. Fish is the symbol of Christianity. Christ is born under the age of Pisces, goddess of fish.
Half fish and half human, mermaids are a combination of fact and fiction. Fact: humans exist. Fiction: It is attached to a fish. (In other cultures, dragon) The upper torso of the human containst the brain, heart and head. It means we think, feel and hunger. The other half is the fishtales. Instead of a biped, we swim towards our existence.
The divine and humanness are combined in a mermaid. This everlasting icon of mystery is a constant reminder of our duality as humans.
So who are mermaids?
The people who are in touched with thier imaginations. Ones who may be old but are in touched with their inner child. A mermaid is a person who may be misunderstood but knows her direction in life. The mermaid is free in the vast ocean but her dierection is towards the sun, towards the illumination of the sun. Illumination is the key to understanding the truth about our inner mermaids. We can all be mermaids but only celestially chosen people are true mermaids. "Many are called but few are chosen."

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