Thursday, July 12

Babies no more...

I usually say "Let's head over to the babies' house."
That was way back when Gab and I were bored and hung out with the "Babies." Well, they are babies no more.
The "Babies" as we referred to them are Natalie, Stephanie and Sasha. They used to be half me size... THEN! Now, Natalie is taller than Jade. Aprox 5'2. Steph and Sash are adorable as ever and not the gullible little girls that they once were. No, these girls are smart and with a very good reading ability too. I love readers. Always can relate to them.
I will miss the good time when thy were "Babies" and I was always their big Ate Maita. In a few years, I think the trio will grow even bigger than me. Big Ate Maita will be Little Ate Maits.

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