Monday, July 2


I watched Transformers last weekend. It was a good movie if you want to relax and have some fun.
(Spoilers Below)
The movie was different from the series. Based on the 1980's toys and animated series, there were few characters remaining but the storyline changed for good.
The set is in present-day Earth with the usual traffic, war on Iraq and the likes...
A boy named Sam gets to have his first car. It turned out to be Bumblebee. Of Course, when Bumblebee goes to an excursion and contacts the rest of his team, Sam freaks out.
But when the Decepticons tried to get Sam, Bumblebee saves him and the love interest he's with.
The Autobots come and introduce themselves. They take the shape of vehicles they first encounter. Optimus becomes an 18-Wheeler, Jazz is a Pontiac and Ironhide and the rest take the form from whatever they see fit.
The War seems to have 3 sides: Autobots, Decepticons and Humans.
They all want the All-Spark which was with the human side. In fact, Megatron is captured by humans and is hidden underneath a dam.
There's some kinda "National Treasure" feel at this point. Secret sectors like Sector 7 who kept things under wraps about aliens. Secretive sides of the Gov't nobody knows, so National Treasure! Anyways, the Decepticon attacks the dam. Bumblebee and Sam take the All-Spark and runs.
After Megatron is revived, all transformers break loose for a game of tag. Whatever city they encountered gets wrekked but in the end, the day is saved by Sam.

The Autobots hide in Earth for there was no way to repair Cybertron now. They become the trucks and cars. Meanwhile Sam and girlfriend makes out on top of Bumblebee. Eew!

Regarding the Robots, there wasn't much personality in them. The only one that they gave a lot of character to was Bumblebee and that CD player. Perhaps there's a part 2 and the robots will get more cover and more personality.
For now, they wait among us...

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