Tuesday, July 31

Knights Divided by Suzanne Barkley

Not such a great title for the book is you ask me! It should be "Woman who divides the knights" or "The Apothecary Girl" corny but I can't seem to think of a good title for it.
Medieval Romance is very brutal and blunt. Men are streightforward with what they want and women are usually the strong ones who will not yeild their dignity for ntohing less that true love.
No knights get divided in this book.
A Rogue Heir might be accused of treason but to murder an innocent girl? Emmeline kidnaps Sir Jamie Harcourte but finds herself falling for the rogue. A mangled body but a heart-throbbing smiles fascinates her. This man must be her sister's killer but then how could he have killed her sister yet spare her and even to the point of protecting her?
Emma is plain as her sister is beautiful. She is a bastard, the minstrel's daughter to a women he didn't wed. Her mother died leaving her the Apothecary shop to manage all on her own. Her lecherous father comes and goes only to ask for money. Her life was hard and wouldn't go any lower so why not capture the murdering pirate Jamie Harcourte?
He sets the table turning and has her as captive. Now, with treasonous plot around him, the king and the Duke of Lancaster, he pushes her away. But Emma keeps coming back to him and saves him.
Imprisoned and to be hanged for treason by the Earl of Oxford, Jamie is tells his Friends to keep Emma safe. Emma on the other hand has ideas of her own. Didn't she kidnap the rogue once? Surely another time wouldn't be so hard, especially if she gets help. Help she does get when she boldly introduces herself to Jamie's parents. The Harcourt and Somervilles accepts her readily which brings tears to Emma's eyes for she had not very good experience with her parents. They all schemes and planned one of the greatest escapes London will ever know.
Eventually, Jamie accepts the lesson that the Somerville men of Harcourte know: Never mess with their women, they are always right and stronger that the men. Which was true.
Emma was determined. She was brave and strong and she got her happy ending.
Of course, we must never discount family. The Somervilles have been notorious for having such a strong family bond. Now, she belonged to that bond.

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