Friday, July 6

Dealing with Dragons

By Patricia C. Wrede
When princesses are being stereotyped, Cymorene says no.
She wants to be a dragon's princess but she doesn't want to be rescued. In this strange fairytale world, princess are supposed to look good and act pretty. They are often expected to scream their heads off. Sense is not a requirement. But Cymorene goes beyond her etiquette and dance lessons. She takes up a bit of magic lessons, philosophy, politics, magic, fencing and cooking! Who ever heard of dragons snacking on chocolate mousse and cherries jubilee?
Cymorene is modern princess trapped in a very traditional world. Just because it's not done, doesn't means it can't be done.
This is a fun and wholesome book for all readers! Dragons are depicted to be always so witty and proper too!

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