Sunday, April 29

Now I know how models feel...

Fashion Shows are exhilarating. I'm backstage and wish everything is ok. I can't see what is out until I see pictures but the models are confident and you just make sure they are wearing your clothes the right way.

What if you are to model the clothes?

Yup. That's right. I had a taste of full-figured modeling. Practice was supposed to make me confident. I practiced three days straight but to no avail. Saturday, BelAir, showtime.
I fixed myself a hundred times and was queued to walk the ramp. My cheeks won't stop chattering. I can barely smile! Man! I was practicing my smile the whole week. This is how a model feel. A first timer like me, that is!
The clothes that I was wearing just came out Friday afternoon. It was not supposed to be what I was to wear. The clothes Marie and I were wearing was my recently made samples for the Trinoma mall Boutique. My Boss really liked it and insisted I wear it.
Man what a day. I treated me and Diki with cream puffs and eclairs and Orlan a lechon lunch!

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