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Cadfael Chronicles: The Hermit of Eyton Forest

14th book of Ellis Peter's Cadfael Chronicles.

There was a new Lord of Eaton and it was Richard Ludel, 10 year old student in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter and Paul in Shewsburry, Shropshire. He was left to the care of the abbot by his ailing father and was tasked guardian should he die before hand. The grandmother of Richard has other plans. She fights the abbot for the custody of Richard.
Aiding her is the Hermit of Eyton Forest. Aiding Richard are the monks of the abbey and the Hermit's man servant, Hyacinth.
When a man is discovered murdered in Eyton Forest and Richard and the man servant missing, there seems to be something amiss. The abbot turns to Brother Cadfael to know what is truly happening. He gets to the bottom of things and learned that the Hermit is not as he seems.

This time, Cadfael does not discover all things by himself. The players of the story discover bits and pieces themselves and it is actually up to Richard and Hyacinth to get the truth out and save themselves from the forces trying to dictate their lives.

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