Monday, April 9

Cadfael Chronicles: The Leper of St. Giles

Our Welsh Benedictine is back with another murder case. There are new characters and old ones too.
Brother Mark, his apprentice, followed his calling to take care of the lepers at St. Giles Hospice. For his sins, Cadfael is given Brother Oswin to train and make as assistant. The fumble fingered brother Oswin is kind and very industrious, overly for Cadfael but is clumsy in ways. While fretting over his herbarium, he has to see to a wedding and a murder that soon takes place. The bride is enshrouded in mystery but so is a leper from St. Giles. What is the connection between this two?
Only Brother Cadfael could guess.
He actually does and reveals all that had to be revealed for the sake of justice.
The bride is saved and all is well.
Of the leper, he disappears after he reveals himself to Cadfael.

The characters are more involved now. Brother Mark is surely trained well by Cadfael. He followed his instincts and was able to uncover clues for the murder. Sadly, no Hugh Behringer. He is at Maesbury because Aline is giving birth.

I liked the story and the way it was written. Very educational at the same time intriguing!

5th chronicle to the Cadfael Books of Ellis Peters also known as Edith Pargeter.

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