Saturday, April 7

Cadfael Chronicles: St. Peter's Fair

By Ellis Peters.
This is the 4th segment in the Cadfael Chronicles. The Fair of St. Peter Ad Vincula was a three day affair with merchants from all over the country coming to Shropshire in the Benedictine Abbey of St. Peter and Paul. An ordinary fair is not without conflict whether be by the masses versus the church, merchants against each other and political turmoil.
Set in 12th Century England between the conflict of King Stephen and Empress Maud. There is much intrigue but only an elderly monk to solve the case.
Brother Cadfael, a monk in his late fifties, has stayed in the abbey for two decades. He is an herbalist but the abbot and the deputy sheriff know there is more than herbs the shrewed brother knows. He is set by the abbot to find the real killer of a murdered merchant. Later, another murder occur ed and vandals here and there. Little did anyone guess that the murders are in connection to the war but the abbot wants this clear of the abbey and the sheriff wants his murderer in the gallows.
The book keeps you guessing 'til the last minute. It is very intriguing. though set in the abbey and its walls, it is an adventure to take!

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