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The Circle Opens: Magic Steps

Who has ever heard of magic dancing? Not Pasco. He loves to dance but be a mage?
The Acalon And the Quais are two families of Harriers. Harriers are guards and police force of the Provost in the land of Emelan. Pasco is the only son of his Acalon Father and Quais Mother. He was bound for a ahrrying job. From early age, he and his cousins are trained in the family courtyard for baton lessons, wrestling and staff practice. Pasco's dancing, his friends said, gave luck to who ever he danced for. So when it did happen, he was spotted by the Duke's grand-niece who was a odd type of mage herself.

Lady Sandrilene (Sandry) is now 14. She is living in the citadel, the Duke's residence. While accompanying her uncle in a ride around Emelan, she sees a boy dancing magic into a net. As a graduate mage from Winding Circle Academy, she must be the boy's teacher because she discovers his ability. Pasco denies his magical ability. He feels ridiculed enough as it is for dancing. But nobody knows specialized magic like Sandry. She and her friends from Winding Circle have abilities of their own. She is what they call a Stitch Witch. She weaves magic. Her spells also includes bespelling and controlling anything with thread or anything woven. Pasco's magic in unique but it still has to be harnessed. One blunder sends the boy begging for his lessons.

So Pasco takes his meditation and magic lessons from Sandry and is taking dancing lessons from Yazmin, the most famous dancer in the land. Yazmin teaches young Pasco that dancing is merely a way to communicate, a channel. This channel can now be the outlet of his magical abilities.

Murdering assassins strikes the city and Sandry takes it upon herself to get involved since she is better equipped at handling than the provost's mages. She and her ex-teachers at Winding Circle sets a trap for the assassins and it will take young Pasco to dance the enchantment for it to work.

This is the Second quartet set in Emelan by Tamora Pierce. The first is the Circle of Magic Quartet. It is about four 10 year old mages who is discovering their magic. With friendship and very dedicated teachers, they learn to control their magic and is able to overcome the 4 tough situations. Now, 4 years later, they are official mages. Young as they are. So they set out with one teacher each to seek experience in the world. Sandry is left in Discipline Cottage with her teacher Lark, the Weaver. When the Duke gets a heart attack, Sandry must go and nurse him. She finds herself taking over his household and acting as his nurse.

I have two books so far from this quartet. I like it better than the first quartet. Tamora Pierce's style has grown.

The Four mages _____ Their Speciality _____ Their Teachers
Sandry ____________ Weaving __________ Dedicate Lark
Daja ______________ Smith (forge) _______ Dedicate Frostpine
Tris ______________ Weather __________ Nicklaren Goldeye
Briar _____________ Plants ____________ Dedicate Rosethorn

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