Saturday, December 10

What a Blunderful Life...

Updates on life:
Tasks in Worlite are over! No more travelogues and papers. I did my presentation smoothly and Ms. Amador sisn't even ask a question. The key to a good paper is to have a position. You have to say something and stick to saying it the whole time.
My paper is about Alexandre Dumas. My position is that he was so influential that he influenced todays movie makers. from true to his books 3 Musketeers, Man in the Iron Mask and Count of Monte Chirsto to influenced works like La Femme Musketeer and the 5th Musketeer. He even influenced our very own Jose Rizal.
The scale model for the store for Sir Jay went better than I expected. The panel loved my floor plan. They think it flows perfectly. I just used everthing I learned and picked-up on my journmey of learning. Here's my secret: Sir Elvert made us design a lay-out of a museum or art gallery. I put into mind everything he said. 1)Keep things simple. 2)Take off any distractions. 3)Less is more.
Then, I remeber what the sales lady in Robinsons said. She said the customers always leave when they take too long in getting stocks from the stockroom so I made module racks.
Also there's what Sir Aman taught us. I applied his lectures on semiotics to my logo. A store for maternity apparel and accessories can't look like a teen trend store. I looked at logos of maternity stores and saw that most of them had curcular motiffs. So I made mine an egg with a fetal curve that also quite looks like a yin yang. There's many interpretations to it.
The Grad Show is over. I do say we went over budget. Why didn't we do it like I feel or re-? It could have been cheaper. Dont' blame me for the budget blunders. I'm not the implementer. My clothes were finished in the nick of time and I slept the morning awya today. 4 days without sllep can highen you blood sugar so be careful! check your blood pressure! Are you getting dizzy? Your heart might just stop!
AS for me, It kept on ticking and ticking fast. The show didn't get as we planned it. I could see the audience texting, looking else where and getting plain bored. Even my sister kept texting me that she and mom and the people around her were bored. There were cuts that we couldn't explain. Then Inaah's clothes came out and they announced Hazel's name. VJ got angry at Hazel and Inah but it was not their fault. They were busy suiting up models that they din't even know what was happening. Here comes the big M yapping his trap about these two. It was not their fault and it bites me he does this to them.
I was so touched Ja gave me a bouquet. My parents never gave me flower for all four shows. Awww... Tear! Hugs! Mwah!
Marketing time! I have to do this paper now and presentations with it too. Not to mention Photogra.

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