Sunday, December 25

Christmas sickness!

It's Christmas and I'm sick.
Actually, I've not been feeling well since the 22. 23, I wouldn't let my headache and bodyache get me. I was determined to go shopping. 23 in the evening, me down. 24, very sick. 25, lousy morning but I'm quite ok now. A little food, lots of drinks, tons of love and I'm ok. My fever's down.
My little caregiver, Pat, has done a good job giving me some tender loving massage. Oooohhh! Feels good. A little massage from Jade is also good.
Gifts! Gifts Gifts!
Lots 'a gifts! New pants, lots of accessories, books!
"Doesn't it feel like Christmas, it feels lovely. 2X
Feels so lovely, so lovely!"
Aki gave more copic and a box of Tatari-asu (Suit balls) food. Yup, strait from Japan. The food for the cuddly, spider-like suit balls. Don't I feel special.
Hope to get better! I have a lot of work to do. At least I got the tela na for our fashion show. Yup, 50 yards and I carried it from Divisoria to the car. Wee!
I'm pumping iron! Lots of testosterone pumping! I'm a regular cargador! Raar!
I made Inah a blog. For an added extra Christmas gift, I wanted it to be special but I lost her password. Now, I can't update a new look I found for her. Man!
Oh Well!
Merry Christmas to all!

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