Thursday, December 15

Mr. "Nicest"

Dear VJ,
Let me express my opinions, feelings and thoughts. I know, I know you might think its another ranting about the show. Not really. More on you as a person.
Wasn't it you who said na you can fit all the clothes to one hour? I've heard you said that last term and the term before that. How come naging 2 hours this show?
Please, why are you defensive if a lot of people didn't like this show?
Didn't the super text message kanina sa class say something? Somebody is mocking the whole class for the grad show. Doesn't that say something?
No more plastican. I'm telling you this because you need to know this. Though you don't consider me a friend, I'm still going to tell you your little faults. (Friends are supposed to tell each other thier mistakes, right?)
Don't take it hard. Personal opinion: I didn't like the show. (no offense, zig.) I thought you can prove us wrong if we lay back a bit. Guess, that wasn't the case. Perhaps there were a lot of factors involved as well. I did the best I can: do the bugdeting and made the letters. It was all up to the ones who commited.
Let us examine what was your commitment. This is not singling you out from everybody else. Its just, you have the most comment and you cannot take that the show was not as bonga as you wanted it.
You were supposed to be choreographer. How come pasaway models mo?
I don't mean to drag the past but you did once commited to help with the food in re- and you left me and vic to do the work on that. All we needed was 10 minutes of your time but you wanted to wait for your model who came at 6pm. There was plenty of time to help.
Now, please take this all calmly. The show was not a disaster, it just didn't go as we hoped. Get me?
Just listen to eveybody's comments and thoughts. And I mean everybody. Not just friends. Get diversed opinions. Its only an opinion. What's to loose?

Now I've said my peace.
Time to graduate and leave it all behind.
As you always say: That's Life!
Freedom of Speech.
PS: Nothing personal but then again, what in life isn't being taken personal? Person is the root word of personal. We all have our own free minds and free will.

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