Thursday, December 1

Begin? Let it end, please!!!

Begin? The show? Its hectic crazy! I'm not yet even done with my clothes!!! 4 desgins and they need stitching!!! Man!
Kakaloka today, VJ is in his spree of wanting to touch women's boobs. Is he really gay or just pretending to be gay to hold women? God be the judge. As for me, I ain't keeping my guard down. If he ever touches me, he'll meet a woman man-er than him. It's summo time! Diki and Jady haven't beaten me in wrestling yet. Pat hasn't eaither! There are some uses to being big. hehe!
December's here! Man! Crazily, I want it over and done with. I know it'll get more hectic during the show proper. Let's see, let's see. I have a few predictions to make...

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