Tuesday, December 20

The Merryment!

Oh! Let the merryment begin!
Tests are officially over! Course cards tomorrow!
Yesterday, Mom salvaged what was left of the X-mas tree.
I used the branches and wired them to the stairs.
it looks nice. Just needs a bit of lights.
I'm happy. I'm doing the best I can for our first Christmas in this house.
Yup, Maita Rue will Rev up the Vienna House.
It'll be cheery for the holidays or am I not the middle child of Vienna?
Today, I'm going to go to Quiapo. Even if it's super squeezy, I'll brave it!
Oh, let the merryment begin!
As for the toubles in the progressing: "On-line blog war,"
Let it halt. Let it cease!
It's Christmas! Let's forgive.
Live and let live!
Let me sing a carol for all of you:
"Oh God, bless us everyone!
The good and the bad,
The happy the sad!
Oh God, bless us everyone!"
Put up that happy face, the joyful will be triumphant!
"Oh come, all ye faithful,
Joyful and triumphant!
Oh come ye, oh come ye
to Bethlehem!"
Hugs and Kisses!

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