Tuesday, December 13

Pitter Patter

The drops fall constantly
but the day grows gloomier as the drops fall slowly.
A fist full of days...
then will it be over?
Will this darkness, gloom, anger
bitterness, apathy, regret close as the year does?
It was said in John: “Let he who is without sin be the first one to cast the stone.”
Did a blameless cast the fist stone?
Nay, opposite.
Peace, my friends. I'm no judge.
I merely relay what I have witnessed.
"Do not begrudge a sou(like peso in old french)
Its not what we Christians must do."
--Les Miserables
The pitter patter does not cease.
It falls constantly outside the window.
The drops are random
But there is a pattern.
Can you see it?
Mayhaps you need only hear it.
The sound of raindrops...
a free form poem of some sort
dedicated to the bitterness around me.

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